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10 Steam Next Fest demos you should play right now

The Steam Wishlist deluge cometh.

A retro race car swerves round a corner in Parking Garage Rally Circuit, with the Eurogamer Wishlisted logo in the bottom right corner.
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Welcome back to Wishlisted, our recurring feature series highlighting some of our favourite games from Steam Next Fest. While June's edition of Next Fest doesn't officially kick off until Monday 10th June, loads of demos are live on Steam already, so we thought why not follow suit and get stuck in early? That way, we can tell you about lots more exciting games on our radar, and give them some all-important breathing room as we prepare for the onslaught of shiny new mega blockbusters that will be coming down the pipes over the course of Summer Game Fest this week.

We're also making Wishlisted bigger and better this time with its own dedicated microsite for you to peruse, which will collate together all of Eurogamer's Wishlisted picks, as well as those from our sister sites VG247 and Rock Paper Shotgun. We'll be posting about them gradually as more demos become available, so make sure to check back regularly over the coming days to see what else has caught our collective eyeballs.

You can also keep track of what the Eurogamer team are writing about right here by looking out for our special Wishlisted logo, which will be peeking out of the corner of every Wishlisted article's header image. You definitely can't miss those big, googly eyes.

To help whet your appetite right now, here are 10 instant recommendations to check out from our video team, covering everything from chill gardening sims to the screeching tires of retro drift racers.

Here are 10 demo recommendations to help kickstart your Steam wishlisting frenzy. Watch on YouTube

Excited by what you saw there? Then why not head on over to their Steam pages so you can download the demo for yourself to play right now (and if the demo isn't live just yet, then you've got a handy bookmark to return to when it launches on Monday 10th June). We've listed every game mentioned below, so just click on the name of each one to whisk yourself away to their respective Steam pages.

  • Dungeons and Degenerate Gamblers - if you need more Balatro in your life, play this next.
  • Odinfall - Ragnarok as a roguelike.
  • Parking Garage Rally Circuit - one for your inner Sega Saturn racer.
  • Tormenture - inspired by classic puzzle games, but with a cursed, haunted twist.
  • Love Ghostie - a haunting of an altogether cosier kind, with added match-making.
  • Thank Goodness You're Here! - help the weird and whimiscal townsfolk of Barnsworth in this absurd, comedy 'slapformer'.
  • Grunn - garden maintenance meets the off-kilter vibes of Pony Island.
  • Reka - become a Baba Yaga-inspired witch with your very own chicken leg house.
  • Gourdlets - a sandbox citybuilder for your cute veggie chums.
  • What The Car? - first it was golf, then it was bats, and now that mad lot at Triband are all about daft cars.

We'll have loads more demo impressions coming over the next couple of weeks, but do let us know if you've got your eye on something in particular. If you let us know what you'll be wishlisting this Next Fest, we'll do our best to check them out over the coming weeks.

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