Is Your Laptop’s Desktop Dying?

When you hear “The Death of the Desktop” you probably think of how everyone is ditching the “desktop computer” and using laptops and tablets instead. While that idea is a common story, there’s another desktop that is dying. Both Macs and PCs have “The Desktop”, that space on your screen that you see when you first start your computer, usually with a pretty background picture, that is generally hidden once you open your programs. So what’s killing The Desktop?

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Adding an Anchormate II to my Lowe 1448T

As I mentioned in the previous post, I took the boat out and it was a bit windy. The wind had me drifting quite fast, making any kind of fishing difficult. I had to drift into pads or reeds just to stop and be able to cast around or drop a bobber in. I guess it’s time to add one of the two Anchormate IIs I bought for the boat. Continue reading “Adding an Anchormate II to my Lowe 1448T”

My Lowe 1448T in the water

Just thought I’d throw in some shots I took while actually using the boat. The closest lake to me (besides Lake Michigan) is Big Muskego, which is really closer to a swamp than a lake I think, with it’s maximum 4′ depth. I never saw anywhere I went that looked close to 4′, most looked to be 1′-2′, and is very weedy, so I don’t go too fast. I’ve seen in some forums that people are getting good fish though, both Northern and Large Mouth Bass, as well as some Bluegills. Continue reading “My Lowe 1448T in the water”

Adding a transom saver to my Lowe 1448T

This was a pretty easy and inexpensive addition, but from what I read around different forums, an important one to help protect your transom, motor and mount. Transom mounts are very commonly attached to the roller on the back of your trailer, but since I don’t have any rollers, being fully ‘bunked’, I got a bolt on version. Continue reading “Adding a transom saver to my Lowe 1448T”

Adding CMC PT-35 Power Tilt & Trim to my Lowe 1448T

I had originally thought about adding power tilt/trim to easily lift my motor on demand. After taking the boat out on a really shallow lake (max dept 4′, average depth seemed close to the dept of my prop!) I was pushed further to want this feature, so I went out and got it. Continue reading “Adding CMC PT-35 Power Tilt & Trim to my Lowe 1448T”

Getting my Lowe 1448T out onto the water for the first time

Once I had the console built, and everything connected, I tried starting it up in the driveway with a hose attached to the motor. I was able to get it to start, but not to stay running for very long. It seemed like there was something strange with the remote throttle/shifter, and the idle was off as well. I have an excellent boat motor shop just a few blocks away (Mack’s Motors in St. Francis WI), so I took it in and they took a look at it. Continue reading “Getting my Lowe 1448T out onto the water for the first time”

Building a console for my Lowe 1448T

I wanted this boat to not only function well as a fishing boat, but to be able to cruise a bit in it as well. I know it’s not going to be pulling skiers or anything, but sometimes just driving around can be enjoyable. For that reason, I choose to go with console mounted controls for the motor instead of a tiller handle. Since I plan on eventually building casting desks and such, for now I wanted to get a temporary console in so I could at least test the boat and motor, and use it till I was ready to start building. Continue reading “Building a console for my Lowe 1448T”

Building side-bunks for my Lowe 1448T

I plan on taking my boat out myself often times, so I want it to be easy to load and unload. I’ve heard that side bunks can help with the loading process, helping to guide the boat onto the trailer more easily. Being a non-standard setup, I knew I’d have to custom build the side bunks, as I did the bottom bunks. Continue reading “Building side-bunks for my Lowe 1448T”