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This speedy 1TB Lexar NM790 NVMe SSD is down to just £60 from Overclockers

One of the quickest SSDs available.

Lexar's NM790 is a fantastic gaming SSD, and one I personally use in my own PC build. I picked it because of its combination of brilliant performance and affordability which means it has remained a sensible choice in spite of rising SSD prices. Of course, as much as prices may not be as low as they were before, there are still some deals to be had on SSDs with snappy speeds, the NM790 included. In 1TB form from Overclockers, it's down to £60, which gives you a solid saving on its previous £70 price.

The NM790 is one of the best gaming SSDs money can buy, and certainly one of the quickest in terms of its raw speed. Its sequential reads of up to 7400MB/s and sequential writes of up to 6500MB/s make it a snappier performer for accessing files, while its random speeds are perhaps even more impressive. Lexar rates it of up to 1.0M IOPS for both reads and writes, meaning its load times when you're getting into games and applications should be incredibly quick.

For PC users, the fact it doesn't have a DRAM cache and instead opts for HMB isn't a big issue for gaming and general use, and you're only likely to run against it if you're using this drive for rather intense workloads such as sustained video capture, or even scientific computing. Otherwise, this is quite simply an insanely quick drive with a fair bit of capacity that makes for a better value pick than similarly speedy options from WD or Samsung.

The NM790 can also be chucked into a PS5, with speeds that smash Sony's internal requirements, as well as with a capacity that boost your storage by a reasonable amount, whether you're using an OG PS5 or the new Slim model with its bigger internal SSD. The only thing you will need to make sure it'll be fully compatible with use in a PS5 is a heatsink, and luckily they're rather affordable. For a long time, we've recommended this £8 option - grab that, and you'll be good to go with the NM790 in your PS5 for less than the previous list price of this drive.

If you're after an especially speedy SSD for either PC or PS5 use that isn't going to break the bank, this Lexar NM790 deal from Overclockers is not to be missed.

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