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Here's the original Fallout on a Nintendo 3DS

Take shelter.

Original Fallout on Nintendo 3DS
Image credit: Loopuze1/Reddit

As Fallout fever continues, one fan has managed to get the original game playing on a Nintendo 3DS.

The port, first spotted by TheGamer, uses a mod made by MrHuu to get it all working. "I've had the first Fallout for years, but it's always ran too crappy on my PC and I never get far, but this awesome 3DS port is running great (even if it is a little clunky having to cycle between left and right click with L button)," Reddit user Loopuze1 shared last week.

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"Just have to install it, copy over files from your original, legally purchased copy and you're good to go. Figured this community might appreciate how cool this is!"

The original Fallout, from the images shared, really looks quite at home on the 3DS. Others also think so, with replies such as "This is badass!" and "Well this is a freaking delight!" linked to the original post.

You can see how Fallout looks on Nintendo's console for yourself below.

Finally gonna play through and finish Fallout 1 on my 3DS
byu/Loopuze1 inclassicfallout

There has been an increased interest in Fallout ever since Amazon's TV show made its bombastic and gory debut in April. Soon after the series' release, Fallout 4 became the best selling game in Europe, while over one million players made their way into Fallout 76 in a single day.

Since then, Bethesda revealed Fallout 76 has now welcomed 20 million total players, several years after its initial release.

Remarking on these numbers, Todd Howard called Fallout's renaissance "beyond anything [he's] ever seen in [his] 30 years of doing this", stating: "Depending on the Fallout game, you're looking at a 4-6x increase in daily players."

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