Building trailer bunks for my Lowe 1448T

As I mentioned in a previous post, my trailer was originally setup for a V-hull boat. I have a flat bottomed Jon boat. I would have to custom build some bunks to hold it. I wanted the bunks to allow the boat to sit as low as possible on the trailer to make loading and unloading easier. They also had to handle the elements, so I don’t have to replace them any time soon. Continue reading “Building trailer bunks for my Lowe 1448T”

The 1989 25HP Mercury for my Lowe 1448T

My boat is rated for a maximum of 25HP, so of course that’s what I wanted to put on it since I’d like the option to just cruise around in it as well as go fishing. New 25HP 4-Strokes are so expensive, so I opted for a used 2-stroke. I found one on Craig’s List that seemed to match what I was looking for: 25HP, long shaft, with remote and electric start. Continue reading “The 1989 25HP Mercury for my Lowe 1448T”

The trailer for my Lowe 1448T

I looked around for a used trailer once I had ordered the boat. With this being a wider than usual boat for this length, most of the trailers seemed a bit narrow to me, being 48″ between the fenders. My boat is 48″ wide at the bottom, so if I wanted the boat to sit low on the trailer to make getting it in the water easier, the fenders would probably interfere. Continue reading “The trailer for my Lowe 1448T”

My Lowe 1448T

So I can already hear you saying, enough with the talk, I want to see pictures! I know before I got mine, I scoured the web looking for pictures to get some idea of what I wanted, and what I’d be receiving after I ordered it. I’ve got your back. Here are some pictures of the 2008 Lowe 1448T that I received just before July 4th. Click on any picture for the hi-resolution version. Note that the boat is raised up off the temporary bunks onto milk crates so I could begin the work of fashioning the final bunks. I threw temporary ones on there just so I could get the boat home, and then be able to customize them to the boat. Continue reading “My Lowe 1448T”

Got me a fishing boat

So this spring I decided I wanted to get back into fishing, which I did pretty often as a kid. I wanted a boat that would allow me to easily take along a friend or two to do pan and game fishing on inland lakes. Something small enough that I could go out by myself, and fit it in my small garage, and something light enough that I could haul it with a more fuel efficient vehicle than the pickup I have now. Continue reading “Got me a fishing boat”

Been a long time…

I haven’t been using this blog for a while. Today I felt a little inspired, and found a new theme for it. I’m thinking about adding new content, ranging from life improvement thoughts to the modification of my new boat. Stay tuned, I may just type more….