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Palworld teams up with Microsoft for Xbox Series S giveaway

Oh Fuack.

A custom Xbox Series S with Palworld design, as well as four controllers each with a different Pal on in yellow, green, blue , and pink
Image credit: Xbox / Pocketpair

Xbox is running a giveaway competition in collaboration with Palworld, where one lucky person can win a custom Xbox Series X and controllers featuring the titular Pals.

The giveaway was announced by Xbox over on X (née Twitter), alongside what I assume is a mock-up of the final design.

The console features the game's cover art and logo, while the four controllers bundled with it come in four different colours with four different Pals on: yellow (Grizzbolt), green (Mammorest), blue (Pengullet), and pink (Cattiva).

Zoe has some early access tips if you're jumping into Palworld.Watch on YouTube

The console is perhaps a bit ugly in my eyes, but I have a penchant for all things garish and almost repulsive to look at. The controllers are actually quite cute. Though it is odd seeing dead ringers of Nintendo icons on Xbox hardware...

If you fancy your chances at winning the Xbox Series X, controllers, and three months of Game Pass Ultimate, you've got until 17th March to enter.

Just one month after launch, Palworld has reached a milestone 25m players across Xbox and Steam (specifically 15m sales on Steam). Developer Pocketpair has promised to up its anti-cheat measures by the end of the month, after admitting it has struggled to "keep up" with cheaters.

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