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This video recaps 10 years of Destiny storytelling in 10 hours

"All you need to be up to date for Destiny 2: The Final Shape."

Promotional art for Destiny 2's Expansion Open Access event.
Image credit: Bungie/Sony

Curious about Destiny 2's final expansion but aren't sure where to start? One of Destiny's most dedicated fans, My name is Byf, has put together a 10-hour video to bring new players (and - let's face it - existing ones, too) up to date with the sci-fi shooter's complex storyline.

The video is particularly good timing given Sony is giving all Playstation and PC players limited-time access to three Destiny 2 expansions – The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep – ahead of The Final Shape's arrival next week. Additionally, Destiny 2's current expansion, Lightfall, is available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The Complete Story of Destiny! From Origins to Final Shape! Light & Dark Saga Lore & Timeline!Watch on YouTube

Byf says the video details the "complete story of Destiny", from the origins of The Witness, and includes the full timeline of major events to happen in the game, as well as additional lore and backstories.

And there's clearly an appetite for Byf's – known in the community as "Lore Daddy" – videos.

"Yesterday felt unreal, but waking up to the video being on trending and a quarter of a million views in less than 24 hours… that feels pretty real," Byf said of the video, which has now topped 300K views in little more than a day. "Thank you for making this launch as successful as possible. You guys rock."

Destiny 2: The Final Shape | Launch Trailer [UK].Watch on YouTube

Destiny 2 will go offline for 25 hours ahead of the launch of its final expansion, The Final Shape.

The downtime – which is scheduled to kick off at 5pm UK time on 3rd June (that's 9am PT, 12pm ET) and end at 7pm on 4th June – is required to prep for the new expansion, which is estimated to take up at least 129GB of free space on every platform, and almost 300GB on Steam.

ICYMI, The Final Shape DLC has leaked online after the expansion was temporarily available on PS5 earlier this week. Developer Bungie did eventually "kill" the servers, but not before spoilers about the story, raid, trophies, loot, and more – much, much more – swamped social media.

Bungie later acknowledged spoilers were shared online, and that a "small group of players" were able to access the campaign, Collections, Echoes, and "other reward info". It advised players who don't want the experience spoiled to "be very careful" on social media in the lead up to The Final Shape's release next week, and asked those who have seen the spoilers to "please be considerate of others".

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