Avocado – Effect, application and studies

The botanical name for avocado is Persea americana. This plant belongs to the laurel family and is evergreen. Avocado trees can grow up to 15 meters high. The avocado plant can be easily recognized by its dark green elongated leaves. The fruits of the avocado plant are usually pear-shaped, green to dark brown and even black. The flesh of the fruit is yellowish-green, and in the middle of the fruit there is a spherical core. However, the avocado fruits can also be round in some cases and even grow up to the size of a child’s head. Here it depends on the avocado type and also on the growing area. Since there are more than 400 different varieties of the avocado plant, there are also differences in appearance and taste. The fat content of an avocado is not the same for every fruit. For example, there is an avocado variety from Mexico which is very fatty, while avocados from India are much lower in fat content.

The origin of the avocado plant is not exactly traceable, but it is assumed that the avocado plant comes from South America. Today, avocados are grown in many different countries. One can find this plant for example in Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Chile and of course in America. The avocado plant thrives best in warm climates and is therefore very often found in tropical and subtropical areas. If you like, you can also grow an avocado plant in Germany. However, it is rather used here as a houseplant because the plant would not survive the winter in Germany. However, the plant can be grown in pots and can also thrive here. It is important that the temperatures are kept constant. Avocados can be processed in many different recipes. Here you can find some very tasty ideas for cooking with avocados. However, this fruit also has other areas of application and many health benefits.

The benefits of Avocado

The avocado is versatile and can be prepared into very tasty dishes. It is not only very tasty, but also healthy. The avocado is full of vitamins and therefore it is not surprising that avocados are recommended by nutritionists and alternative practitioners. Among other things, high concentrations of vitamin A and vitamin E can be found in the avocado. But also alpha and beta carotene, biotin and Vavocatin B are included in the avocado. The avocado also contains vegetable fats and unsaturated fatty acids.

Each of these ingredients has positive health effects. Vitamin A, for example, is very important for the human body and helps in the growth of hair, bones and teeth. Vitamin A is also very important for the skin. Even more important, however, is the function of this vitamin as a blood-forming substance. With the regular consumption of avocado you can improve your general well-being. Not only can the avocado be eaten, but it can also be used externally. It is quite possible to use avocados to make your own cosmetics, such as facial masks or hair treatments. If you don’t want to make the cosmetics yourself, you can of course buy ready-made products such as soaps, lotions, creams and the like. These products can also be ordered over the Internet.

Interesting is not only the effect of avocado as a cosmetic, but also the effect of this fruit as a remedy. One area of application that is particularly worth mentioning is, for example, the topic of stomach and intestinal complaints. Since avocado stimulates digestion and regulates the intestinal tract, various ailments can be alleviated by eating avocado. It is therefore advisable to eat about half of an avocado every day, for example to counteract the irritable bowel syndrome.

Furthermore, the avocado has an antibacterial effect. Therefore, this fruit is also good for the health of the mouth and throat. Bacteria in the mouth are killed by consumption, which can counteract caries. The regular consumption of avocadoes can also help to relieve or even prevent bad breath. In addition to its antibacterial effect, avocado also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, eating the fruit is good for chronic pain caused by inflammation, such as joint pain. In case of arthritis, consumption can also be very helpful.

Amazing is the effect of avocado on the cholesterol level. Although this fruit is rich in fat, it is drastically reduced by eating the cholesterol level. The fats contained in avocado are vegetable fats and therefore better tolerated and healthier than animal fats. If you want to change your diet, you can make dips and spreads from avocado, for example, and often replace sausage and cheese. The corresponding recipes can be found here online. You will quickly feel a change in your sense of well-being. Because the avocados lower the cholesterol level, they are good for the cardiovascular system and therefore this fruit is often recommended as a healthy alternative by doctors, alternative practitioners and nutritionists.

It is worth mentioning that the avocado has no lasting side effects. As with all herbal products, however, over-reactions may occur under certain circumstances, but these occur only rarely. It should also be noted that large quantities of avocados do not have to be consumed in order to achieve a health benefit. Even small amounts, which are regularly added to the diet, are recommended.

Good to know…

If you are interested in alternative remedies or would like to eat healthier, you can find out more about the different foods and plants online here. The scientific studies are definitely interesting. In recent years, many scientific studies have been conducted on the subject of avocado and the health benefits of eating this fruit regularly. These studies have been published here online, so that you can inform yourself very well about this topic. Of course, the articles in medical journals are also interesting. These can also often be found online here.

An interesting article, for example, comes from the German Medical Journal. The 2015 article deals with the level of cholesterol. Some scientific studies have shown that it can be reduced by consuming avocado. This article also mentions an American study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania. Forty-five adults with overweight were used as test persons. The volunteers were divided into three groups and each should follow a specific diet. It was found that the cholesterol level of subjects who were on a diet with avocados dropped more sharply. Of course, the cholesterol level can be influenced much more strongly with medications and a diet does not work so fast. However, the consumption of avocado does not have any lasting side effects, as is the case with some medicines. Also, a diet that includes regular consumption of avocados can be beneficial to the medication. Avocados can also be taken as a precautionary measure. It was also pointed out in the article that avocados depends on the preparation and one should not combine this fruit with too much salt and other fats, but rather with salads and vegetables. The complete article with the corresponding data can be found here online.

The avocado is botanically seen as a half-fruit, which is naturally not sweet. The avocado is full of healthy ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. Therefore, avocado can be used not only as a foodstuff in the kitchen, but also as an alternative remedy. It is not necessary to consume large amounts of avocado, but half an avocado, regularly consumed, can have certain health benefits.

Combining avocado with other healthy foods such as salads and vegetables increases the health factor. In fact, it is actually advisable to use avocado in salads rather than in combination with other unhealthy fats or large amounts of salt, as is often the case with Mexican guacamole, for example.

However, the avocado can also be used as a substitute for spreads, sausage and cheese. Animal fats are replaced with vegetable fats, which is definitely healthier and accelerates weight loss. The fruit flesh of the avocado can be turned into a porridge with a fork or a potato masher and then, for example, with a little mayonnaise, salt and pepper, lime or lemon juice and other good ingredients into natural spreads or dips. Online there are many good recipes with avocado, which you can easily re-cook.

In addition, cosmetics such as facial masks can also be made from avocado. The avocado is used externally to prevent wrinkles. Avocado is an excellent anti-aging product that can be used naturally. People with sensitive skin can also tolerate avocado and avocado oil well. There is no redness or other irritation, as with many other products.

Side effects are not really known in the consumption and also in the external application of Avocado, so that the application is safe and risk-free in any case.

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