Basil – Effect, application and studies

Basil is a spice herb. Basil grows in various countries, but mainly in the southern area, as this plant needs sunshine and warm temperatures for growth. Although there are some species of basil that look a little different, the plants generally grow up to a size of 60 cm. Basil can be easily recognized by its flowers. These always stand together in groups of 3 flowers each. Basil flowers white. The flowering period is between July and September.

In traditional Mediterranean dishes and salads, the leaves of this plant are used for seasoning. Whether in Italian or Greek cuisine, basil is often used here in fresh ingredients. However, basil can also be dried very well to preserve it.

For many thousands of years, basil has been a well-known spice herb. Archaeological finds have shown that it has been important in Egypt and India for a long time. It is believed that the origin of this plant lies in India and has spread from there. As basil grows best in areas with uniformly warm temperatures, this plant can be found mainly in tropical and subtropical areas. If you want to grow basil in Germany, you should know that this plant cannot survive the winter here and can therefore only be cultivated in the garden in summer. It is recommended to put basil in pots. Some kitchens have their herb garden on the windowsill so that the herbs can be harvested fresh for cooking. Basil can of course also be grown in greenhouses where the temperature is kept constant. The temperatures should never fall below 12 degrees Celsius to grow this plant.

Of course, it is not absolutely necessary to grow your own basil to use it for cooking, because in many shops you can buy this spice herb fresh. Of course you can also buy the dried spice. If you want, you can order it online without any problems.

It is interesting to note that basil is not only a very tasty spice for salads and pizzas, but can also be used as a medicinal plant. Although the leaves are mostly used here, the flowers have healing powers and can also be used as a remedy. However, the flowers are rarely used.

The use of basil

Basil is full of essential oils. These are also effective for stomach and intestinal complaints. Basil stimulates digestion and regulates the normal functioning of the intestines. In this way, the most diverse symptoms in this area can be alleviated and even cured. Whether you are suffering from stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, basil can be helpful.

Furthermore, this herb is also effective in respiratory diseases. Whether you have a sore throat, pharyngeal inflammation or cough, basil is a healthy alternative to traditional medicines. Another aspect of the healing power of this herb is its use to strengthen the nerves. The aim is also to alleviate illnesses associated with nerve weakness. Basil is very effective against migraine and insomnia, but also against stress and other symptoms that can be traced back to stress. Here you can simply brew a tea with basil. Large amounts of herbal remedies are not necessary. The essential oils of basil also play an important role here.

In addition to the internal use of basil, it is also possible to use it externally. Basil is an excellent bath additive that is effective for skin diseases such as eczema. It is also possible to produce basil envelopes that are helpful in cases of inflammation, for example. In addition, wounds can be treated with basil to speed up wound healing and naturally prevent inflammation.

Sustainable side effects of basil are not really known. However, it is not recommended to use this herb during pregnancy and lactation. Allergies may also occur, but they are very rare. Basil is usually safe and risk-free to use.

The effects of basil

Basil is a natural painkiller and can therefore be taken instead of other painkillers. This herb is especially recommended for joint pain and rheumatism. Basil is also antibacterial. The application can be used to combat viruses and prevent infections in advance. This herb is also healthy for the cardiovascular system. It is a good recommendation to take basil to strengthen the heart. Basil is also recommended for supporting medications.

Since basil has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years, many applications are known. In modern times, scientific studies have also been carried out to investigate the effects of basil as a medicinal herb. Thus many of theories and traditions from antiquity have been proven. Among other things, it is known that basil can be used for fever, inflammation, stomach and intestinal problems and many other illnesses.

Scientific studies have focused on the healing effects of basil in recent decades and it has also been shown that basil can prevent the formation of tumours. Even if cancer has already been diagnosed, this herb can help to combat the tumours. However, it is worth mentioning that a natural remedy such as basil, medicines and therapies cannot necessarily replace. Of course you should consult a doctor with such diseases. However, natural remedies, such as basil, are an alternative to traditional medicines.

Due to the antibacterial effect of basil, this herb is also good for external use. Wounds can easily be treated with basil. Instead, this spice herb is simply boiled up with hot water. The brew should last for several minutes and can then be applied to the affected area of the skin with a cotton swab. It can also be added to the bath water to treat skin diseases such as eczema. If you like, you can also pour basil with alcohol and make a tincture. The tincture can then be used as a facial tonic, for example. Pimples, blackheads and other impurities can thus be prevented and combated. Within a short time you will notice how the skin changes. Pores shrink and the skin looks healthy and fresh.

Basil is not only recommended as a remedy, but also as a spice in the kitchen. In countries such as Italy, for example, this herb is used very often, whether in pasta dishes or on pizza and in salads. In combination with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, basil can be used to make a delicate starter. There are many tasty dishes online that list basil as a spice. You can also experiment a little, there is no limit to your creativity in cooking.

Online there is a lot of information about this spice herb. The scientific studies published on this topic are particularly interesting. These can be viewed online here. Just as interesting are the many medical articles, which can also be read online here. However, it is also advisable to read the experience reports of people who have already tried basil as a remedy. With all this information you can find out about the different fields of application. Sometimes new aspects come to light. In addition, you can also get online further advice and tips for the use of this alternative remedy.

If you have basil in your garden, you can use the fresh leaves. It is also possible to use dried leaves as a remedy. These can be purchased in health food shops or online here. It is recommended to use only small amounts for the dosage. A few leaves of this herb are quite sufficient in tea or broth. There is actually no side effect from the use of basil. Of course, it is possible that some people may be allergic to this herb. However, allergies occur only very rarely, so that the use of basil is risk-free.

If you don’t like the taste of basil, you can also buy the capsules with basil extract online. There is also the essential oil which can be applied externally. This rubbing in helps with tensions and, of course, with pain caused by inflammation in the joints.

Basil is effective in various diseases. Among other things, this herb can be taken because of heart health. The cholesterol level is lowered by consumption. It also regulates blood sugar. This herb can also be taken as a preventive measure against viruses and bacteria, thus strengthening the immune system. This herb is already such a miracle cure of nature and one should always have basil in the house. It is definitely worthwhile to add this spice regularly to your food. Large quantities are not necessary for this, even small amounts are taken regularly and are very effective.

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