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Get this Seagate 8TB external HDD for £140 from Currys right now

That's a lotta storage.

I'm someone whose of the opinion that you can never have too much storage, and as such, I'm a bit of a hoarder of hard drives with a pair of 8TB Seagate external HDDs. While it may not be the same drive that I own, you can get a similar 8TB Seagate external hard drive for £140 from Currys at the moment. This gives you a handy saving off its previous £169 list price, and a lot of storage for less.

If it's any further proof of the great value for money offered by this deal, it works out that you'd be paying 1.75p per GB of storage, which is wild. Even if they may be a fair bit slower than their solid state counterparts, the amount of storage you get for the money is just unassailable. You may not end up filling the full 8TB capacity on offer here right away, as it's a huge amount of storage, but it's great for anyone that has a large collection of music, games and media like I have. For reference, one of my 8TB hard drives is a game drive for my Xbox Series X, and the other is used as a backup drive on my PC for keeping all my files on with space to spare, alongside a large selection of music, photos and other media.

As that paragraph hints, you can use these drives with a wide range of devices in addition to desktop PCs and laptops. For last-gen consoles, you'll be able to install games to this Seagate drive and play them off it, whereas for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, the drive works as a kind of 'cold storage'. In essence, you can store current-gen games on the external drive, but they'll need to be moved to the console's internal storage in order for them to be playable.

That's still incredibly useful, especially if you don't have the fastest internet to re-download games, and it's a simple case of connecting this drive via USB-A to your console in order for it to be able to be recognised and formatted. Last-gen games will actually run from the drive directly too, making this a good choice for anything you're playing under backwards compatibility.

On that note, the fact this drive is basically plug and play is especially handy, and its wide compatibility makes it an ideal choice to use across a range of devices with a simple USB 3.0 connection. The fact it needs its own external power to run is standard across a lot of these larger Seagate drives, so you'll just have to make sure you've got an outlet spare near the device you'll be using this with so the drive remains on and connected to your PC or console at all times.

If you're in need of an extra large capacity external hard drive at an affordable price, this Seagate 8TB choice for £140 from Currys is definitely worth your time.

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