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This neat Xbox Game Pass Core conversion trick still works for getting Game Pass Ultimate on the cheap

It still works!

Microsoft changed around the tiers for Xbox Game Pass last September, removing the age-old Xbox Live Gold system, and replacing it with the new Xbox Game Pass Core. When this change happened, people, including me, were worried that this might stop a certain conversion trick from working which allowed for people to get Game Pass Ultimate on the cheap. However, the 3:2 conversion ratio still exists, although with Game Pass Core prices at the moment for a longer subscription being the way they are, it works in a simpler way, but you get a bit less of a deal compared to before. With a trio of Game Pass Core keys at £31, you can still get three years of Ultimate this way compared to paying a lot more for it on its own.

With my maths being right, all being well, you can take three years of Game Pass Core and turn them into two years' worth of Game Pass Ultimate. Unlike previous instances where it's required you to purchase a stack of three months codes, this deal relies on three simple 12 months codes at £31 a piece. Purchase three of those - that's £93 - and then input them into your 'Redeem A Code' section on Microsoft's website. Redeem them all, and it should say you've got Core until 3rd June 2026 (if you do it today). Then, it's a case of converting this all to Game Pass Ultimate.

With this, you've got two ways to do it. Either way, to activate the redeemed Game Pass Core and convert it over to Game Pass Ultimate. You can either simply go to Microsoft's dedicated Game Pass Ultimate microsite, click on 'Upgrade, pay the extra £12.99 charge for a month's Ultimate, and it should convert your three months of Core to two months' Game Pass Ultimate for the total sum of £106.

However, there is a way that saves you a few pounds - you can simply purchase a key for a month's Game Pass Ultimate from CD Keys for £8, input that into the 'Redeem A Code' section and it should convert the amount already loaded onto your account to Ultimate alongside the added month. So, that works out to £101 for 25 months Game Pass Ultimate - a price of £4.04 a month, which is not to be sniffed at.

Of course, the big caveat to this is that it only works at the 3:2 rate if you let an existing subscription expire. Otherwise, the ratio is worse for converting from Core to Ultimate, working at a 3:1 ratio. So, if your Ultimate subscription is due to expire in the next few weeks, simply wait until it expires, and then follow the conversion trick above. Also make sure you turn off recurring billing for peace of mind.

If you want to grab a couple of years' worth of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the cheap, this combo of a CDKeys reduction on Game Pass Core and the conversion trick is still chugging along.

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