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This 32GB kit of Silicon Power XPower Turbine 3200MT/s RAM is just $51 from Amazon USA

That's not much money for a whole lot of RAM.

RAM is one of those components where price to performance really matters, as there is a bit of a defined sweet spot. For DDR4 kits like this Silicon Power kit, that's 3200MT/s with tighter CL16 timings, and this particular kit provides those specs and a solid amount of capacity for a rather good price. At the moment, it's down to $51 from Amazon USA, offering a decent saving on its previous $60 list price.

This is a 32GB kit, which provides you with a good amount of headroom to use for more intensive tasks such as content creation and video/photo editing workloads, where you'll be able to feel the benefits of 32GB over 16GB. You could certainly go for a 16GB kit instead if you're only going to be gaming, but the going rate for a 16GB kit of similar specs isn't much less than this Silicon Power 32GB kit, making this deal a much better one than it perhaps first seemed. It's also cheaper than some comparably speecced choices from slightly bigger brands such as Crucial, while offering the benefit of a full metal heatsibk and double-sided modules, too.

There's also the fact that this is a RAM kit with a 3200MT/s speed, which makes for a sweet spot in terms of price to performance. That's because you get a noticeable performance penalty from using base-spec 2133MT/s or 2400MT/s kits that cost as much as 3200MT/s, but you don't see massive gains from going beyond around 3600MT/s. 3200MT/s therefore makes a ton of sense from a value perspective, especially considering the low prices that this spec RAM has dropped to, relative to its performance.

If you want to grab some powerful RAM affordably for slotting into a new PC or to upgrade an existing one with loads more headroom, this Amazon deal on this Silicon Power RAM is not to be missed.

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