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New Pals coming to Palworld include a frog with a stick and a mushroom head

Due this summer.

Close up of new Pal in Palworld trailer - a little slim green creature with a red mushroom head in na forest of mushrooms
Image credit: Pocketpair

Pocketpair has revealed four new Pals coming to Palworld in its big summer update.

In addition to the four Pals, it looks like a flamethrower weapon will be added. Presumably, too, we'll get the Arena mode that was recently teased at the Triple-i showcase, which looks a bit like Pokémon Stadium.

So who are the four new Pals? We don't yet know the names, but the first is a frog with a stick. Does it look like a Pokémon? No, it's a frog with a stick.

Palworld | New Pals AnnouncementWatch on YouTube

The second looks like an ostrich with some fancy head plumage. Does it look like a Pokémon? It kind of looks like Espathra, at least in that it's also inspired by an ostrich.

The third is a sort of dog with long ears levitating like a Buddhist monk. Does it look like a Pokémon? Nothing specific.

The last is a cute green little guy with a mushroom on its head. Does it look like a Pokémon? There's perhaps a certain Quagsire look if you squint.

Split screen of four Pals coming to Palworld - a green frog with a stick, a red ostrich bird, a floating monk dog, and a green creature with a mushroom head
Do these look like Pokémon to you? | Image credit: Pocketpair

In short, these new Pals don't seem particularly Pokémon-esque, though they still fit with the aesthetic of the game. At release, fans were quick to compare Pals and Pokémon, eventually leading to The Pokémon Company issuing a statement it would "investigate" the game for copyright infringement. Perhaps this has had an impact.

Xbox is keen to promote these new Pals and it's understandable why - the game was a huge success on the console, leading to its biggest month ever in terms of play time.

There's no further information on whether a PlayStation version of Palworld is on the way.

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