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Palworld patch adds first Raid boss Bellanoir

UPDATE: Now available on Xbox.

Palworld Bellanoir
Image credit: Pocketpair

UPDATE 9/4/24: The below patch for Palworld is now available on Xbox as well as Steam.

In addition, developer Pocketpair said it is aware of an issue with eggs being unable to be placed inside incubators. "We apologise for this inconvenience," the Palword team said, adding this issue "can be resolved by rebuilding the incubator".

It plans on fixing this problem over the coming days.

The original story continues below.

ORIGINAL 4/4/24: Palworld developer PocketPair has released a big new update for its breakaway hit, bringing with it the game's first raid boss.

This particular boss is a "powerful evil" known as Bellanoir. They can be summoned by using slabs at Palworld's new Summoning Altar, Pocketpair explained (makes sense). But, be warned, the developer has said this won't be an easy fight.

You can see a brief teaser for Palworld's first raid below.

Palnews|Palworld Update Raid Battle #1. Watch on YouTube

Alongside the raid, Pocketpair has also added a range of other fixes and what-not with this update. This includes everything from UI to balance adjustments.

Items such as new "Recovery Meds" have been added with this update, with the developer stating using these will slowly recover a players' HP over time. Additionally, players will be able to get thier hands on a new armour, known as the "Multiclimate Undershirt". "Protect yourself against both the heat and the cold with just one slot," the Palworld team proclaim.

On the Pal front, Dumud will now be able to produce High-Quality Pal Oil at the ranch, and players can reduce the weight of metal ore while riding Surfent Terra.

As for what is to come, Pocketpair has said it is planning a "larger, more content-packed update" for the summer. This will include a new island, Pals and more.

"Thank you for your continued support of Palworld," the developer closed.

You can check out the full - rather extensive - Palworld patch notes via the X embed below. Please note, while this update is available on Steam now, Xbox players will have to wait a tad longer.

Elsewhere, the studio recently opened applications for a Palworld closed testing program, but it has warned applicants should not expect to use it for "free play or experiencing new content early".

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