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Pokémon Go Spinda quest for June, all Spinda forms listed

How to catch the elusive Spinda in Pokémon Go.

Spinda in Pokémon Go was one of many 'missing' Gen 3 Pokémon creatures from the game, until it arrived in the summer of 2018.

Spinda is one of the most unique Pokémon in the entire series. Though the Normal-Type rabbit-like creature isn't particularly competent in battle, or evolves into anything unique, the pattern on its body is different with every catch - with over four billion possibilities touted in the main games.

Pokémon Go doesn't offer this variation, and instead offers nine Spinda forms to try and find.

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How to get Spinda in Pokémon Go this month

What makes Spinda so interesting to catch is that it's the very first Pokémon to debut exclusively through the Field Research feature.

Once you find the specific Field Research and complete it, Spinda will be available to catch.

Each month, the Field Research you need to find changes. For June 2024, the quest is Five Great Curveball Throws in a Row with the reward being Spinda form 7.

Once you have the task, then it's time to land a Curveball. Our Curveballs page can help if you're struggling with this throw type, but in short, you must spin the ball and land it in the circle. Take your time and wait until after an attack increase your chances.

If you're struggling, then attempting to catch a Legendary Pokémon from a Legendary raid - which usually have larger hit circles - might help.

After that, Spinda will appear when you claim the Field Research reward. Spinda, like other Field Research reward catches, won't run away, so take your time in catching it, and even consider using a Pinap Berry to increase the amount of Spinda Candy you earn.

Where to find the Spinda Field Research in Pokémon Go

With the many Field Research variants out there, the Spinda quest could take a while to hunt down. Remember, once you have spun a PokéStop and collected a Field Research task, you can delete it and spin another, so keep exploring until you find it.

Additionally, remember that each PokéStop is assigned a specific Field Research task every day for every player.

So if you can learn which one that is from a friend or someone in the Pokémon Go community, then that can make life easier.

Spinda quests have become increasingly hard to find, but with a month to find each form, you should be able to get one before the month's out.

The Shared Skies Season is live! You can now complete the Field Research tasks, get some steps in to do the Shared Skies research steps, and take part in the Stadium Sights event! Don't forget to try out Routes, Gift Exchange and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

Pokémon Go Spinda forms list

As mentioned, in the main games, there are apparently billions of Spinda forms, due to the way they create new patterns for each catch.

In Pokémon Go, things are a little easier, with just nine forms to catch.

Each month offers a different form to collect, though from June 2019, the forms are cycling back around again, allowing you to catch ones you previously missed.

Additionally, from June 2019, each newly-released Spinda form has the chance to be a shiny.

Form Availability
October 2018, November and December 2019, January, February, 2021, October 2021, July 2022, March 2023, April 2023, December 2023
March to April 2019, September and October 2020, November 2021, August 2022, May 2023, January 2024
September 2018, September 2019, April 2021, December 2021, September 2022, June 2023, February 2024
May to June 2019, November and December 2020, May 2021, January, February and October 2022, July 2023, March 2024
January to February 2019, June, July and August 2020, June 2021, March and November 2022, August 2023, April 2024
December 2018, March 2020, July 2021, April 2022, December 2022, September 2023, May 2024
November 2018, January, February and May 2020, August 2021, May 2022, January 2023, October 2023, June 2024
August 2018, July 2019, April 2020, March 2021, September 2021, June 2022, February 2023, November 2023
Valentine's Day event 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024

That's every form available right now - if you missed one, wait until it comes round again, or see if a friend has one to trade.

As time goes on, more Spinda might be released - there is room in the Pokedex for 20 (!), so it's very likely. When or how, however, we don't know.

But for now, expect them to rotate through Field Research every month or two.

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