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Pokémon Go Shared Skies research quest steps and rewards

Our guide to the Shared Skies research quest.

Cropped promotional image for Shared Skies Season in Pokemon Go, showing three people looking at Pokemon in the distance, with Lapras, Ponyta, and Elekid to their sides.
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The Shared Skies timed research quests in Pokémon Go are releasing once a month during the Season of Shared Skies, for a total of three Seasonal timed research quests until the end of the season.

The Shares Skies research works a little differently to recent Season-long quests in Pokémon Go. Due to its time-gated nature, you have to complete each part before its specific end date within the Shared Skies season, unlike previous Seasonal quests that gave you until the end of a Season to complete all of its steps.

To help you keep track of it all, we've detailed the Shared Skies quest steps and rewards in Pokémon Go below.

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'Shared Skies' quest steps in Pokémon Go

Shared Skies Part 1 was released in Pokémon Go on Saturday 1st June, 2024 and is the first of the three-part Season-long timed research quest for, you guessed it, the Season of Shared Skies.

As it's a timed research quest, you only have until 11.59pm (local time) on Wednesday 10th July to complete Part 1, or you miss out on Shared Skies' first batch of rewards.

Below you'll find all of the Shared Skies Part 1 quest steps and rewards, but be wary of spoilers!

Thank you to Amiibofan101 from reddit for the help with this information.


'Shared Skies Part 1' Step 1 of 1

  • Hatch 5 eggs - Swablu encounter
  • Explore 5km - 30 Poké Balls
  • Hatch 10 Eggs - Sandygast encounter
  • Explore 10km - 20 Razz Berries
  • Hatch 15 eggs - Clauncher encounter
  • Catch a Pokémon on 10 different days - 3 Golden Razz Berry

We'll update this page when more parts of the Shared Skies timed research quest are released.

The Shared Skies Season is live! You can now complete the Field Research tasks, get some steps in to do the Shared Skies research steps, and take part in the Stadium Sights event! Don't forget to try out Routes, Gift Exchange and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

How Shared Skies works in Pokémon Go

Shared Skies is the Season-long timed research for, unsurprisingly, the Season of Shared Skies in Pokémon Go.

Shared Skies started on Saturday 1st June, 2024. As it's a three-part timed research quest, you must complete each part of Shared Skies before its specific end date within the Shared Skies Season in order to get all of its rewards. For example, Shared Skies Part 1 runs until 11.59pm (local time) on Wednesday 10th July, so you must complete it before this time, or you will miss out on Part 1's rewards.

There will be a total of three Shared Skies timed research quests during the Season of Shared Skies: one in June, one in July, and one in August.

Season of Skies promotional artwork for Pokemon Go.
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Outside of these time restrictions, Shared Skies works exactly the same as any other research quest in Pokémon Go where you must complete a series of challenges, collecting rewards as you go, until you've completed a quest step. At this point, you can earn the rewards for the overall step and move on to the next one (if there is a next step), repeating this cycle until the quest is complete.

Good luck completing the Shared Skies quest!

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